New Media Performance

Curatorial and Collaborative Practices

The Happy Jug
posthuman theatre

written and directed by Nathan Jones
sound by Kepla
visuals by Simon Jones and Chris Boyd
sculpture by Madeline Hall

The EVP Sessions
Voice & Technology & The Unexplainable

3 x London-Liverpool events
Produced in partnership with Penned in the Margins
the Bluecoat, Liverpool, and Shoreditch Town Hall

Interaction and Affect — Posthuman Performance

residency/research/events programme
In partnership with FACT and the HIVE collective



Glitch Poetics

A research project

Recipient of Royal Holloway University of London
REID cross-disciplinary PhD scholarship 2014-17


Book Chapter
“Glitch Poetics: the Posthumanities of Error in Speed Readers, Erica Scourti, Predictive Text, and Caroline Bergvall”
Bloomsbury Handbook of Electronic Literature
[read sample]

Media of The Bloomsbury Handbook of Electronic Literature

“Notes Towards a Glitch Poetcs: Keston Sutherland’s The Odes to TL61P”
in Thresholds online journal

“The Testimony of Structure: Codecs and Contemporary Poetry”
in A Peer Reviewed Journal About_ Excessive Research


“Glitch Poetics and the Posthuman” Shared Futures: English Conference, Newcastle, 2017
“Glitch: the Contemporary Aesthetic” Onassis Centre, Athens, 2016
“Glitch Poetics of Erica Scourti and Caroline Bergvall” Glitchy Textures Paris 8, 2016
& Bremen, 2016



Torque operates at the nexus of mind, language and technology. It was founded by Nathan Jones and Sam Skinner in 2012 as an itinerant publisher, arts and curatorial platform.

Torque’s practice is based in public research – we host symposia and publish to share the basis of our making practice as broadly as possible. Our collaborative art works often blend back into the research phase, consisting of installations, interventions, innovative text and digital media works which engage with people’s experience of technology and language in particular. Two iterations of the Torque project have taken us from a broad survey of interesting approaches to thinking the relation of thought, language and technologies, into a more detailed analysis of contemporary reading.

edited collection [2014]

Contributors: Lambros Malafouris, Emil Alzamora, Anna Munster, Benedict Drew, Esther Leslie, Cécile B Evans, Hannah Proctor, Nathan Jones, Stephen Fortune, Dennis Oppenheim, Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Holly Pester, Geoff Cox, Alex McLean, Kate Sicchio, Karl Heinz Jeron, Mez Breeze, Robert Sheppard, Chris Boyd, Imogen Stidworthy.

free ebook available from Link Editions

exhibition [April-May 2017]
Curated by Nathan Jones and Sam Skinner

Artists: Anna Barham, Nathan Jones, Nicholas Malevé, Erica Scourti, Tom Schofield, Sam Skinner, Emily Speedat Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool

interactive artwork
by Nathan Jones, Sam Skinner and Tom Schofield


About me

Nathan Jones is a poet, curator and Reid cross-disciplinary PhD scholar in Literature and Media at Royal Holloway University of London.  As Creative Director at Mercy, Nathan has worked at the cutting edge of new media and performance – most recently producing 20 new interdisciplinary projects with the likes of poets Ross Sutherland and Caroline Bergvall electronic musicians TCF and Holly Herndon, and new media artists Rosa Menkman and Jamie Gledhill as part of the Syndrome ( performance programme.  Nathan’s other projects include Torque (, an ongoing publishing and events programme exploring language in relation to brain and technology.

Nathan has a long history of successful Arts Council England-funded projects, including Syndrome (2014-15), Torque (2013-15), Electronic Voice Phenomena (2009 – 12), Overlap (2010) and Wave If You’re Really There (2008 – 10)  He is a member of the Merseyside Literature Partnership, and regularly sits on pannels concerning the future of literature, particularly in relation to performance.  His work regularly receives attention from national press, and in the last few years, he has featured in The Guardian, BBC Radio 3, 6 Music, and DAZED.  As an artist he has exhibited at FACT, the Bluecoat and Cornerhouse in the North West, and shown also at the ICA in London and several international festivals.

I also write reviews and interviews, for Furtherfield here

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Image ‘colours’
Image performing


nathan [at]



t: 07877660150

Based in Liverpool, UK // Born 30.07.81


2014-present PhD candidate English and Media at Royal Holloway University of London
2012 MPhil Drama at Brunel University
BA Imaginative Writing and Literature, Liverpool John Moores University


The Happy Jug audio play CD and print book Entr’acte forthcoming 2017
Our Only Encounter” cover feature and poems Poetry Wales March 2017
A Cloud of Birds Also Formlessly Flocking on Top of a Lake Dock Road Press 2016
Ceaseless Thing” Datableed #4 [online journal] 2016
Museums” Adventures in Form, anthology, Penned in the Margins 2012
Noah’s Ark pamplet Henningham Family Press 2010
Codes and Odes” Thresholds [online journal] forthcoming 2017
Speed Readers & Predictive Text” Bloomsbury Handbook Electronic Literature forthcoming 2017
Absorbing Text” APRJA_Machine Research [online peer reviewed journal] forthcoming 2017
The Testimony of Structure” APRJA_Excess [online peer review journal] 2016


And just like that algorithm (I can read two things at once) Public Access gallery, Chicago 2017
Letter to the Workers
(with Andre Guedes) Galerias Municipais de Lisboa 2017
Dodgem Jockey reading/performance (with Tom McCarthy) the Bluecoat and Shoreditch Town Hall 2016

The Happy Jug, drama, Unity Theatre Feb 2016

The Nodes BBC Radio 3 2015

Torque (Triptych), alterative publishing film/installation, at FACT Liverpool 2015

The New Death, (collaboration with China Meiville) sound work at FACT Liverpool 2015

The Long Now, play for 3 voices, Mathaf Museum Modern Art & Liverpool Biennial 2013

Vision/Fragment, solo performance, Modern Art Oxford, Oxford 2011

The Uncanny Valley, installation for voices, the Bluecoat, Liverpool 2011

Equinox (with Andre Guedes), print exhibition, Lisbon Art Fair Lisbon 2010

Audioguide, mobile phone app with art writing, Liverpool Biennial 2010


Reading Machines [solo show] The Grundy Art Gallery and Libraries forthcoming 2017

including book publication

Torque #2: The Act of Reading [ed] Torque, 2016
including Katherine Hayles, Nina Power, Claire Potter, Tim Etchells

Syndrome 12 month residency programme, 2015
including Holly Herndon, Hannah Silva, S J Fowler

Electronic Voice Phenomena website and performance programme 2011-16

including Tom McCarthy, Erica Scourti, Anat Ben David, Richard Millward

Torque #1: Language Mind Technology [ed] Torque, 2014

including Lambros Malafouris, Cecile B Evans, Benedict Drew


Absorbing Text Transmediale, Berlin 2017

Glitch: the contemporary aesthetics Onassis Centre, Athens 2016

Textual Abundance and Consumerism, National Association for Literature Development 2012

Art Collectives, Freelance Conference, Liverpool John Moores University ADA 2011

Glitch Poetics: Speed Readers and Predictive Text, Machine Research Brussels,

and International Conference for Digital Media Textualities Bremen
and Glitchy Text/ures University VIII Paris 2016

Codecs and Contemporary Writing Excessive Research panel Transmediale 2016

Carry Me Along Daddy performance lecture at Interactions with the Real, London 2015

Nuance, Nuisance, Jouissance: Towards a Noise Poetic, Brunel University 2012

Mandate in Performance Writing, PW12, Falmouth University at Arnolfini 2012


2016 – present Sessional Tutor Fine Art (art writing) Liverpool John Moores

2016 Visiting Lecturer, English Royal Holloway University of London

2014 – present REID Funded PhD & Practice-Based Research Network Assistant Royal Holloway

2014 – present Co-Founder, editor in chief Torque

2011 Writer in Residence, Cape Farewell

2009-2010 Writer in Residence, the Bluecoat, Liverpool

2003 – present Creative Director, Mercy

REID Cross-Disciplinary PhD Scholarship Royal Holloway £16,000pa + fees2016
The Creative Exchange, £10,000
Arts Council England, Grants for the Arts, £55,000


Arts Council England, Grants for the Arts, £15,000

Paul Hamlyn Foundation, £5000


Arts Council England, Grants for the Arts, £55,000

Liverpool City Council, ACLIP, £10,000


Arts Council England, Grants for the Arts, (with Penned in the Margins) £50,000

Artist International Development Fund, British Council & Arts Council England, £4,400

Liverpool City Council, Arts and Cultural Investment Programme, £5,000

Cornerhouse, Micro Commissions, £3,000

Ronald Duncan Literary Foundation, £2,000


Arts Council England, Grants for the Arts, £50,000

Ronald Duncan Literary Foundation, £2,000

Ideas Tap, £500


Arts Council England, Grants for the Arts: Groups, £60,000

Liverpool City Council, Shops Up Front, £10,000


Arts Council England, Grants for the Arts: Individuals, £35,000

Arts Council England, Grants for the Arts, £15,000

Liverpool John Moores University, Arvon Award, residency