New Media Performance

Curatorial and Collaborative Practices

The Happy Jug
A Posthuman Play

written and directed by Nathan Jones
sound by Kepla
visuals by Simon Jones and Chris Boyd
sculpture by Madeline Hall


Silence May Be Kept
Installation for Liverpool Light Night

text by Nathan Jones
produced by Simon Jones
voice by Martha Jones

The EVP Sessions
Voice & Technology & The Unexplainable

3 x London-Liverpool events
Produced in partnership with Penned in the Margins
the Bluecoat, Liverpool, and Shoreditch Town Hall


Electronic Voice Phenomena Tour

a partnership project between Mercy and Penned in the Margins
Touring 9 UK venues, including Sage Gateshead, Richmix in London, and St Georges Hall, Liverpool
featuring new work from Steven J Fowler, Outfit, Hannah Silva and Ross Sutherland.


Interaction and Affect — Posthuman Performance

residency/research/events programme
In partnership with FACT and the HIVE collective



Glitch Poetics

A research project

Recipient of Royal Holloway University of London
REID cross-disciplinary PhD scholarship 2014-17


Book Chapter

“Glitch Poetics: the Posthumanities of Error in Speed Readers, Erica Scourti, Predictive Text, and Caroline Bergvall”
Bloomsbury Handbook of Electronic Literature
[read sample]

Media of The Bloomsbury Handbook of Electronic Literature


“Notes Towards a Glitch Poetcs: Keston Sutherland’s The Odes to TL61P”
in Thresholds online journal

“The Testimony of Structure: Codecs and Contemporary Poetry”
in A Peer Reviewed Journal About_ Excessive Research


“Glitch Poetics and the Posthuman” Shared Futures: English Conference, Newcastle, 2017
“Glitch: the Contemporary Aesthetic” Onassis Centre, Athens, 2016
“Glitch Poetics of Erica Scourti and Caroline Bergvall” Glitchy Textures Paris 8, 2016
& Bremen, 2016



Torque operates at the nexus of mind, language and technology. It was founded by Nathan Jones and Sam Skinner in 2012 as an itinerant publisher, arts and curatorial platform.

Torque’s practice is based in public research – we host symposia and publish to share the basis of our making practice as broadly as possible. Our collaborative art works often blend back into the research phase, consisting of installations, interventions, innovative text and digital media works which engage with people’s experience of technology and language in particular. Two iterations of the Torque project have taken us from a broad survey of interesting approaches to thinking the relation of thought, language and technologies, into a more detailed analysis of contemporary reading. Our latest book shifts this focus to consider the effect of blockchain technology on publishing and art practices.

edited collection [2017]
edited by Ruth Catlow, Marc Garrett, Nathan Jones, and Sam Skinner

The blockchain is widely heralded as the new internet – another dimension in an ever-faster, ever-more-powerful interlocking of ideas, actions and values. Principally the blockchain is a ledger distributed across a large array of machines that enables digital ownership and exchange without a central administering body. Within the arts it has profound implications as both a means of organising and distributing material, and as a new subject and medium for artistic exploration. This landmark publication will bring together a diverse array of artists and researchers engaged with the blockchain, unpacking, critiquing and marking the arrival of it on the cultural landscape for a broad readership across the arts and humanities.
edited collection [2014]Contributors: Lambros Malafouris, Emil Alzamora, Anna Munster, Benedict Drew, Esther Leslie, Cécile B Evans, Hannah Proctor, Nathan Jones, Stephen Fortune, Dennis Oppenheim, Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Holly Pester, Geoff Cox, Alex McLean, Kate Sicchio, Karl Heinz Jeron, Mez Breeze, Robert Sheppard, Chris Boyd, Imogen ebook available from Link Editions
interactive artwork [2017]
by Nathan Jones, Sam Skinner and Tom Schofield

*included in…

exhibition [April-May 2017]
Curated by Nathan Jones and Sam Skinner
Artists: Anna Barham, Nathan Jones, Nicholas Malevé, Erica Scourti, Tom Schofield, Sam Skinner, Emily Speed

at Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool

Torque web browsing history printed onto microfiche

my VR headset poem set into a book and table

visual identity by Sam Skinner


academic paper
A Peer Review Journal About_ Machine Research [2017]
by Nathan Jones and Sam Skinner
Download PDF*TORQUE #2:

edited collection [2015]
This book features a variety of original essays and poems exploring ‘the act of reading’, particularly the effect of technologies, philosophy and poetics on reading today.
Anna Barham, Charles Bernstein, Tim Etchells, Stephen Fortune, Grace Harrison, Mark Greenwood, N. Katherine Hayles, Liam Jones, Nathan Jones, Alex Leff, Esther Leslie, Claire Potter, Nina Power, Hannah Proctor, Eleanor Rees, Erica Scourti, Sam Skinner, Garrett Stewart, James Wilkes and Soenke Zelhe

Edited by Nathan Jones and Sam Skinner
Downloads PDF and EPUB**BAD SHIBE
story by Rob Myers, illustrated by Lina Theodorou
afterward by Ruth Catlow
designed by Mark Simmonds



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