Scott Spencer has done some beautiful settings for my poems over the last couple of years.

These prints use bi-lingual text, referencing the composition method of the poems –
in which I translated poems by Dan Beechy Smith into Spanish and Italian respectively, using Google translate,
then wrote my own translation from these foreign languages, of which I have little or no knowledge.
The presentation of the poems was designed to produce an enigmatic question
over the heritage of the text.

Scott’s settings are large scale prints. They are available as limited editions from the Mercy shop.


We also collaborated on these huge mind-warping prints for installation outside one of Mercy’s church events.

The original text is a latin palindrome (and title of a Guy Debord film)

The second panel is a bastardisation of that piece.

The prints look like this up close:


Our earlier collaborations for page were simpler, like this setting for a ‘google poem’ for Mercy’s Flatline Zine