Poetry performance with analogue-glitch av interface.

A visceral vocal reading of corrupted and perverted lyric poems accompanied by a soundtrack by Tom Rea Smith,
played through a compressor, so the vocal ‘cuts-out’ or ‘pushes-back’ the soundtrack, creating a live glitch interface.

The performance was augmented by live writing, using specially commissioned software, developed with by Sam Meech.

Performed at the Bluecoat in Oct 2011 a trailer for the performance here:

The full audio of the Bluecoat performance is available for download here:

The basis for this work was some research I had been doing into the idea of a subversive, noisy-text
and applying a glitch philosophy to a poetic.

In composition, I used GTR Language Workbench to expose existing text works by The Great Romantic poets to new vocabularies, transmute and shatter them, and ‘performed’ my own improvised writing-through on these texts to pervert and distort their original meaning.  The resulting script is hopefully then an accurate and honest hybrid collaboration of computer-glitch and human improvised practice.

Source texts I used also included literary reviews, which I took up onstage and performed an improvised reading on, and a script for hypnosis which I infected with philosophical and personal vocabularies.

In performance I used this text and my vocal performance to produce a continuous ‘slippage’ of meaning, drawing the audience into an active participation of meaning creation, hopefully on their own terms.

After the performance at the Bluecoat. Mark Leahy was kind enough to send a short impressionistic piece of writing for me which captured some of the techniques around ‘cutting lose’ which I had hoped for.

“he rocks, his body working with his voice … and when he draws a breath / pauses … the sounds flush out again, sweeping past him into our space, and we hear crackle and hum and the voice tells us things, it informs, it imparts news, it has this character of authority …
behind him a projection screen jumps and scatters with highlighted and carved words, plucked from the run and spill of text, pixelated and pulsing in response to the struggle between two sound/ voice channels … this verbal swell carries threads of myth and legend, flickers of stories glint and emerge, then are swept back into the ebb as other lines and words and echoes swamp them …” MARK LEAHY