Some images of the Live Writing software I developed at Mercy with Mark Greenwood and Sam Meech.  The interface is made by Sam Meech using Isadora.  We’re really keen that people take advantage of this software and help us explore its potentials.

The Live Writing interface essentially allows for writing-as-peformance – not only at the level of textual production, but by allowing a live animation, degredation, affecting, throbbing and sensory involvement of text.  It flashes, pulses, falls apart, merges and fogs live poetry.

So far, performances using the software have taken us to a DIY gig in Leeds, a rave in Park Hill Flats in Sheffield, and the Liverpool Biennial Launch Party in 2012.

You can download this software patch for Isadora here:

You will need to download Isadora, and Pete Warden’s Freeframe Plugins also:

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