A symposium, workshops, performance event and an ebook publication by Link Editions.
Co-produced with Sam Skinner.

detail on this project can be found on torquetorque.tumblr.com

the book, is here: http://linkeditions.tumblr.com/torque1

including my essay “Fountain of Shadows: Schizo Literature in Convergence Culture”

Torque brings together a diverse collection of essays and artworks, many newly commissioned for the project, that reflect upon the plasticity of the brain, the adaptability of technology and the malleability of language, and their twisting together through past, present and future cultures. The contributors and their work each offer unique models of navigating this territory, making their own artefacts, writing their own scripts, forging critical space and examining the blind spots.

Torque#1. Mind, Language and Technology is the result of a wide range of cross-disciplinary conversations, taking place across symposia, online forums, live events and workshops, produced by the book’s editors: Nathan Jones and Sam Skinner. According to Professor Mike Stubbs, Artistic Director at FACT Liverpool: “Torque activities and this publication bravely push our boundaries of cognition and thinking, through striking essays, tricky concepts, and beautiful, arresting imagery.”

Contributors: Lambros Malafouris, Emil Alzamora, Anna Munster, Benedict Drew, Esther Leslie, Cécile B Evans, Hannah Proctor, Nathan Jones, Stephen Fortune, Dennis Oppenheim, Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Holly Pester, Geoff Cox, Alex McLean, Kate Sicchio, Karl Heinz Jeron, Mez Breeze, Robert Sheppard, Chris Boyd, Imogen Stidworthy.


the performance event took place at Rich Mix, London

The culmination of a research project by artists Sam Skinner and Nathan Jones exploring the resonances and replications of language, brain and technology as systems. Featuring new commissions from a cohort of artists in performance and new media, exploring these themes for a live audience.

The future of speech, language systems and techno-cognition combined as a one-off show.


Oliver Coates
NEW COMMISSION comprising cello, electronics and field recordings, alongside ‘Oraison’ by Messiaen, one of the first compositions written for electronic instruments. Accompanied by newly commissioned video works by Sam Skinner.

Holly Pester
HANNAH WEINER’S CODE POEMS: a re-staging of Hannah Weiner’s 1960’s work, a poem/performance score using the coded signalling system for ships at sea.

Alex McLean & Kate Sicchio
SOUND CHOREOGRAPHER <> BODY CODE creates a feedback loop and conversation through code, music, choreography, and dance.

Karl Heinz Jeron
SIM GISHEL is a multi-media robot. He sings and dances for money, and tries hard to take part in casting shows to become a pop-star.

Nathan Jones & Mark Greenwood
THE NODES series of conversations as radical language events, proposing a future for speech beyond communication.


the symposium took place at FACT

Lambros Malafouris // Anna Munster // Cécile B Evans // Benedict Drew // Imogen Stidworthy // Hannah Proctor // Holly Pester // Stephen Fortune // Alex McLean // Mez Breeze



the workshops were designed around producing these films with participants from Mencap learning difficulty charity.