The Bell _ with Wave Machines

The piece was written in partnership with Wave Machines in Autumn 2008
for a performance at St Brides Church in Liverpool –
the bell you can hear is a sample from that church.

With the writing I tried to push as much emotional and physical potential in as I could.
The piece worked really well, and remains the best performance I have given.

Here’s a video of one of several performances of The Bell that I have done with Wave Machines,
filmed by the irrepressible Sam Meech.

We are at one of Mercy’s amazing WIYRT shows, at St Leonards Church in Shoreditch,
with an introductory walk by bride Karen McLeod
and a brilliant performance from John Smith on the balcony afterwards.

I also directed and produced this show in collaboration with Wave Machines, for Mercy.


The Bell has been the focus for several Mercy productions.
Here is another video by Tim Brunsden of Liverpool Stories, showing the piece within a concept we did for Tate Liverpool.



Slow Magic _ intervention

I created bespoke interventions for two ‘private views’ at the Bluecoat.

The first of these was Slow Magic, where I had people create their own ‘fridge magnet’ montage-poems.
As the source-texts, I used a mixture of the brochure text from the show, with some texts from miracle reportage
which I found on the internet.

This was a simple exercise, but playing with source-texts in this way ended up being a running theme of my work in 2009-10.

I also rewarded people with these little gift-cards that I made using ‘magic ink’.
(The poem revealed itself after the card was put in the freezer)

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