Electric Blanket

FACT project, with Liverpool Mutual Homes, to create a special digital literacy programme of work for their residents.

I met with residents in their schemes to learn about their lives and show them interesting uses of digital technology.  This film show 30 of the 50 residents engaged with the talking about an object that is important to them.  The residents used iPad to create their videos and a watermarking app to place the object within the shot.

The workshops were designed by Nathan to help residents utilise the skill they are developing in tablet computing for a creative end. This project is supported by Liverpool Mutual Homes.

The Electric Blanket – Nathan Jones mini commission from FACT on Vimeo.

Like Love _ intervention

The second intervention at the Bluecoat was again based on the title of the show.

For ‘Like Love’, I set myself up to write love poems on demand, using google as a collaborator from a starting point set by the participant.
In this way, I looked to take myself out of the equation, and question ‘value’ in relation to poetry.

In many ways I think people are more interested in a poem if it is written ‘for them’, no matter how throw-away the procedure!

I presented the poems in a specially designed envelope and printed page for people to take home.


Slow Magic _ intervention

I created bespoke interventions for two ‘private views’ at the Bluecoat.

The first of these was Slow Magic, where I had people create their own ‘fridge magnet’ montage-poems.
As the source-texts, I used a mixture of the brochure text from the show, with some texts from miracle reportage
which I found on the internet.

This was a simple exercise, but playing with source-texts in this way ended up being a running theme of my work in 2009-10.

I also rewarded people with these little gift-cards that I made using ‘magic ink’.
(The poem revealed itself after the card was put in the freezer)