Knowledge Lives Everywhere _ at FACT

I was asked to create a new performance for the speech moment
at FACT’s ‘Knowledge Lives Everywhere’ exhibition.

The show was curated by the participation team, so I developed a little intervention
where visitors to the show got to craft my speech before I read it.
Visitors selected from a series of coloured cards, which had texts from different sources on.

Yellow was from Mike Stubb’s (Director of FACT) previous speech
Red was from philosophical texts by De Certeau, Foucault, Deleuze
Grey was from online searches, etc…

You can read the resulting text below, which I performed in an instinctive way,
manufacturing a sort of flow to an inherently nonsensical text,
with a disruptive vocal processing by Rob from Hive.

images © Minako Jackson from

(I hadn’t planned to be so colour coded with the exhibition branding, but it was a nice coincidence!)

The Text:


Welcome to FACT on this very special day as we celebrate

Knowledge Lives Everywhere!

For me this image symbolises the point at which I arrived

But how can this effect how we learn?

The product of a process of deviation from rule-governed and falsifiable practices, overflowing,

for FACT this project is hugely significant.

Such a notion is not a matter of opinion at all, but an idea pure and simple.

We have seen this over the years with ground breaking projects such as

Aesthetics examined in the logic of sensation,

and homes sheltering housing residents.

What does this mean now? It means

the object of a pure and unconditioned intellectual delight is the moral law.

Long before it was even a twinkle in an architect’s eye

unique projects and ideas have turned FACT into a playground of ideas –

the scientist and the common man come together

to lay the first foundations of all assurance on what is a matter of FACT.

This city is a fabulous place for creative collaboration.

Young people

over the course of the part 12 years

have been effected by chromatic vibration

sharing FACT through

the ability not to compare conceptions with the objects, but mearely with our faculties of recognition.

Men lack the knowledge and capacity to maintain their power,

within things cognisable of three kinds: matters of opinion, matters of faith, and matters of FACT.

I am delighted that you could be part of this historical occassion

where we will imagine and build models of our thoughts emotions and memories as playable systems

of privation, repression, eros and thantos,

representing this eco-system of

objects of an emperical knowledge that is at least intrinsically possible.

I should be glad then, if you would write to me and give me your views on this subject.

However, it wasn’t just the technology or aesthetic. One of the most significant things was that

guest artists, groups, visitors, and communities of interest could explore

how different pieces of the system interact with each other.

It’s that simple!

Artworks that celebrate creativity as

the metaphor of an eco-system

question the dominance of conceptual stability, organisation and unity.

Everywhere visitors get inspired by experiments

and learn that

this family resists modernisation

and technological breakthroughs, developed by video-sythesis and analogue keying.

Step inside.

Experts and their knowledge can never corrupt that love.

A living legacy.

Finally, I wanted to show you this image, which has inspired me personally:

the insinuation of the ordinary into established scientific fields

entering into everyday life and exerting influence on ordinary healthy intellegence,

an elastic fluid interpreting all other substances and completely permeating them.

Enjoy the exhibition, enjoy the city!


The cards from the speech will go to Mike Stubbs, as a gift. The remaining cards will be used in the next performance.

Like Love _ intervention

The second intervention at the Bluecoat was again based on the title of the show.

For ‘Like Love’, I set myself up to write love poems on demand, using google as a collaborator from a starting point set by the participant.
In this way, I looked to take myself out of the equation, and question ‘value’ in relation to poetry.

In many ways I think people are more interested in a poem if it is written ‘for them’, no matter how throw-away the procedure!

I presented the poems in a specially designed envelope and printed page for people to take home.


Slow Magic _ intervention

I created bespoke interventions for two ‘private views’ at the Bluecoat.

The first of these was Slow Magic, where I had people create their own ‘fridge magnet’ montage-poems.
As the source-texts, I used a mixture of the brochure text from the show, with some texts from miracle reportage
which I found on the internet.

This was a simple exercise, but playing with source-texts in this way ended up being a running theme of my work in 2009-10.

I also rewarded people with these little gift-cards that I made using ‘magic ink’.
(The poem revealed itself after the card was put in the freezer)