Noah’s Ark _ publication

Henningham Family Press have done a smashing job of producing a publication of this collaboration between myself and Sam Meech.  The book is handmade, and features a leather cover with a silver foil on the front and inside cover.

It is my first official publication, and I am really proud of it.

It retails at £16.50. You can get a copy off me for slightly cheaper. Please do.


Here are some excerpts…






Generous Illusions _ performance lecture

an extremely ambitious piece, delivered with a wonderful combination of confidence and sensitivity.” Paul Luckraft, Oxford Contemporary Art

A ‘performance lecture’ which I originally wrote as part of a residency at the Bluecoat
and performed with a voice-responsive visual by Scott Spencer and audio by Carl Brown.

The piece is an experiment in combining several modes of speech.
From the emotional response the time in which it was written,
to a discussion of the role of poetry in the fine arts.

Among other things, the text references the birth of my daughter, abstraction, adaptation,
and the freedom of the audience within performance.

It also features several poems, including Slow Magic and The Orphan.

The latest version includes an intro adapted from a John Le Carre novel:

“Are you familiar with this habit of speech? The times when we resort entirely to oblique allusion, offering a raw material which the consumer, not the purveyor, must refine.

I could still hear her voice. See the rows of little teeth like houses hanging in the rain; I tried to imagine my life without creativity. I realised that it was too late, as it always had been, because I had gone to it for the little it could give me, and it had taken the little I had. Like a doubting cleric, I felt that whatever my small heart contained was safely locked in the palace of my retreat; now it is gone.”

Here is a clip from the Liverpool performance